Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rainbow Sash Has A Hissy-Fit Over Dolan's Election

Here's the whine-fest.  http://www.rainbowsashmovement.com/files/New_Strategy.pdf

According to the sashers, we should be thanking them for Kicanas's defeat.  Well, it's true that God works in mysterious ways sometimes, but I'll direct my thanks to God, all the same.

It's rather ironic to hear the sashers complain about the bishops "breaking with tradition" to defeat Kicanas.  Of all people, why are they concerned with anything traditional, since they're so wont to throw into the trash all the authentic traditions of the Church?  They're also kvetching about the election of Archbishop Joseph Kurtz as vice president; he has spoken out against same-sex marriage.

As the sashers sob tears of sorrow into their rainbow-colored hankies, we pray that their tears don't cause all the pretty colors in the hankies to run.  We also pray that they, and other dissidents, may repent of their ways, as they are flirting with eternal damnation.

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  1. "Bishops break precedence".

    Next thing they'll be asking for people to stop sinning, stop using birth control, and come to confession.

    Why they've flipped the religion on its head.

    The magority of American bishops stuck out their little toe. I'm so elated.


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