Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Georgetown University Never Fails - To Disappoint And Scandalize

Thanks to the Cardinal Newman Society for alerting us to this double-header by DC's Georgetown University.

First we have "gender-blind housing".  No doubt you have guessed what that is all about.  The Hoya announced that university officials would be willing to discuss this "gender-blind housing" that would “not take into account gender when assigning housing to students.”  Ostensibly the reason given is to be "accepting" of LGBTQ students.  However, we know what else would be happening.  Boys and girls, can we say "shack-up and fornication with the blessings of the university"?  We're essentially talking about university officials not only condoning but actually facilitating mortal sin amongst its students.

Second, we hear that Catholics for Equality is all atwitter about the USCCB elections.  They are worried - just worried sick! - that the elections of Archbishops Dolan and Kurtz "signals increased Vatican influence in US politics."  Huh??  How do they draw that conclusion?   To tip their hands a little more, they let loose with  this nonsense: "this election broadens the gap between the people of the Catholic Church in America and the increasingly uncharitable demands of the Pope in Rome."  Read the CFE's press release - it's a hoot.  They wax indignant about "the Catholic hierarchy’s national campaign to deny marriage and family rights to gay and lesbian citizens."  Imagine that!  Catholic bishops defending and promulgating Catholic dogma and morals?  What is the world coming to?  Next they'll be telling dissidents like Catholics for Equality to repent and go to Confession or be excommunicated!  The horror!

Saint Ignatius of Loyala, please pray for your wayward sons who are leading many souls to their eternal damnation.  Pray for their repentance, lest they also careen towards their own eternal doom.

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