Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Catholic Standard Follies - Sister Carol Keehan Whines!

On page 9 of the November 18th edition of the Catholic Standard, we have a report of the November 12th meeting of the National Council of Catholic Women.  This article, by the Catholic News Service, does not yet appear online at the Standard's website.  However, since CNS is national, their articles appear in other diocesan publications, and some of them have it on their websites.  This online article from is verbatum the same that is at the Standard.  Should the Standard post theirs online, I'll link to that.

The headline is "Reject partisan strife on Church issues, panelist urges Catholic women".  That particular panelist is none other than Sister Carol Keehan - yes the same woman who gave the Obama Hell Bill the final push that garnered it passage in the House of Representatives, selling babies down the river for a cheap pen (and perhaps many more goodies for her Catholic Health Association).
 She is more concerned about the "vicious rhetoric of partisan politics" than she is about the babies, elderly and infirm that she helped imperil.  Well, if speaking plainly about terrible dangers is what she calls "partisan politics" then bring on those partisan politics.  Sister, if you're reading this (and I know some of your CHA minions troll this blog!), it's called "honesty" and "truth".  The truth often stings the consciences of those who refuse to assent to it.  That certainly doesn't mean we cushion the truth in any way, shape, fashion or form.  To do so would be to render that same truth to be falsehood.  Sorry, Sister!  No can do!  Speaking of plain truth, perhaps this is part of what Sister had in mind.

John Carr also spoke -what a shame!  Here's what he had to say.  He urged the attendees "not to see Catholic teaching as either/or, but to see it in terms of and".  So, John, dare I propose a question.  Do we follow a path of "good or evil" or "good and evil"?  Is the end of our lives "heaven or hell" or "heaven and hell"?  John, you can't have the cake and eat it too, although you certainly have tried, what with your positions at both the USCCB and the Center for Community Change.  I have written about this problematic individual quite a bit.  Rather than reinvent my own wheels, I'll post links to those posts.

Carr has also whined about the "intense polarization", yaa-daa-yaa-daa.  Have you noticed that those who serve evil wax hysterical about "polarization"?  Could it be that they want to muddle over the distinctions between good and evil in vain attempts to quell their own consciences?  I think so, too.  The remarks of both Keehan and Carr are nothing more than panicky temper tantrums brought on by the light being shone on their shenanigans.  In fact the article makes mention of such light when it says, "both Carr and Sister Carol have been the targets of campaigns accusing them of taking actions or supporting organizations opposed to Church teaching.  Neither mentioned those campaigns."  Well, they may not have explicitly mentioned them, but they certainly railed against us who are exposing them.

By the way - John Carr directs the USCCB's Department of Justice, Peace and Human Development.  His office oversees the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.  So here is yet another reason to boycott next weekend's CCHD collection.


  1. I'm so disappointed that my husbands University is honoring her... ugh...

  2. I love this quote:

    "We need to be utterly intolerant of trashing other people in the church," said Sister Carol Keehan, president and CEO of the Catholic Health Association. "It undermines the charity that is at the heart of the church."

    Unfortunately, this woman (who makes nearly $1 million a year off of helping "the poor" as a "Daughter of Charity") has no problem KILLING other people inside and outside of the church (like babies, the sick, the old and/or handicapped by abortion and/or by starving and dehydrating them to death while denying medicine or routine nursing care like changing their linen or turning them) so that she can "save" institutions and jobs for the "helping" scribes and pharisees she lobbies for.

    She has turned American Catholic nursing homes and hospitals into whited sepulchres.

    Yet, if you critcize this "millions for me, death for the old, sick handicapped & poor" agenda, you are "uncharitable".

    To really undermine Carol Keehan (or John Carr) simply compare them to a true witness to the Charity at the heart of the church, Mother Teresa.


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